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About me

Memories are captured through photographs. I love traveling and taking photos of everything I see to build a physical collection of memories that I can always come back to. Don't miss out on any chance to preserve a memory that made you laugh, smile, or fill with joy. Photographs capture everything you need to feel that same sense of happiness or even smell the same salty ocean air on that trip you had a few years ago.

I enjoy taking all kinds of photos, but my favorite theme is scenic landscapes. I love capturing the serenity of the gently rolling waves or the robust streets of a city that never sleeps.

I have taken up coding recently and created this website to host more of my adventures and my portfolio. Unfortunately I have not finished coding the site yet, so please excuse the menu bar. However, if you have any questions/comments/suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me at mzhao725@gmail.com In the meantime, please take a look at my 500px for my latest photos!

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